Director:           D. Rutledge Taylor
Production:      Frog Bite Productions

Dr. Rutledge and his team take an in-depth look into a disease that has killed more people than any disease ever known: Malaria.  Collecting testimonies from African, Indian and US Government's charitable organizations, scientists, politicians, doctors, clinics, victims and survivors, the film exposes the politics of domestic and international policies behind the much publicized 1972 ban of DDT (Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane) believed to be one of the most notorious 'dirty' chemicals ever created by man.  Despite its effectiveness in eradicating malaria from the US, its ban was considered the hallmark victory by the early Environmental movement.  Its decision to ban, however, was fraught with lies and controversies.  DDT has since been - and has always been - proven to be one of the most safest and environmentally sound chemicals that could effectively fight malaria to save lives of millions in developing nations.  When EPA, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund and Sierra Club refused interviews, Dr. Rutledge realizes he is at the epicenter of little known force behind environmental policy-makers whose political agenda and ideology come with human cost.  

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